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My Big Curly Hair Routine

It’s sort of unbelievable how long it’s taken me to write this, and it’s sort of not—I’ve legit been asked by hundreds of people people to share my “hair secrets.” But though I love my curly hair and haven’t taken a relaxer to it since before I was a teenager, I haven’t taken care great of it, either. But today I’m changing that. I just got my first ever curly cut, and am ready to share the tips and tricks with you I’ve gathered over the years.

I hope you find it helpful!

Step 1: Wash

My goal is to wash my hair weekly, though honestly I rarely accomplish this. But when I do get around to giving my hair the love it deserves, I’ll either use a Non-Foaming Moisturising Wash (Foaming products strip my hair of its lovely natural oils!), or if it’s particularly humid out and my hair is getting frizzy I’ll do a two-step wash with a Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo & Conditioner.

Step 2: Intensive Treatments

When my hair is craving more thickness I start with a Protein Treatment. The one I’m linking to here is the closest thing to a miracle product I’ve ever stumbled on, ever—I always get sooooo many compliments after using it. (Full disclosure: it smells pretty weird, so I make sure to only use it when I’m alone. People have complained about the residual scent. It’s def worth it though; just light some incense.)

Since my hair is almost always craving more moisture, I follow this up with a deep conditioner. Though I prefer Dr. Miracle’s Deep Conditioner and the nice tingly feeling it gives my scalp, Olive Oil Deep Conditioner makes my hair look nearly as shiny and healthy, and costs a little less. After I rinse out the conditioner I get out of the shower with a Microfiber Towel (or cotton t-shirt) wrapped around my hair.

Step 3: StyliNG

Next, I detangle with a Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream and/or Curl Refiner Cream using a Wide Tooth Comb to prevent breakage. Since I have so much hair this involves lots of clips. After I’m done, I’ll finger comb in a Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel or the reliable Eco Gel (I also use this on my brows!).

Not gonna lie to you, I’ve only had my hair diffused once. But I LOVED IT, and I’m saving up to buy this InStyler Ionic Dryer which several of my favorite curly girls have recommended. So, in my dream world, diffusing would be the next step. 

But back in the real world, that’s it! To sleep, I pineapple it up in a Satin Hair Scrunchie, and sleep on a Satin Pillow Case, fluffing my hair out with an Afro Pick every morning and throughout the day. I might refresh it with some of the leave-in products I mentioned above or some Argan Oil with a little mist of water if it starts to look sad. 

I have so much fun with my curly hair and love all the options it gives me. I can do so many looks; I can have short hair or long hair or braid it up, I can even fit it under a hat if I really put my mind to it. I hope you’re enjoying your hair, too, and that this was a helpful read.

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