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Civil Unrest, Stress, and the Body

We are witnessing and participating in one of the largest civil rights movements in United States history. We are feeling stressed. And on top of enduring this country’s re-re-re-re-re-reckoning with it’s treatment of Black people, there’s COVID-19, governmental politics, climate change, civil rights injustices in other parts of the world, late stage capitalism, and so […]

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Brian Bruno: Film Photography, Veganism, and Creating During Quarantine

  Brian Bruno is a photographer based out of the Philadelphia area whose main focus is film photography. Since high school, photography, specifically film photography—has been a massive part of his life. He released his first book, “POLOROIDS,” in 2017. It is timeless, classic, and seemingly not from this era—really showcasing Brian’s love for the […]

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Maybe Teenagers Wouldn’t Rebel if Parents Respected Their Kids’ Power of Perception

I don’t think the teenage years have to be as rough as they are. The moodiness, secrets, and parent-hating are a symptom of our society and culture. Kids deserve parents who real about their past, their fuck ups, the sexual life, and their drug use. Otherwise, parents are setting their kids up for failure. Maybe […]

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