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Maybe Teenagers Wouldn’t Rebel if Parents Respected Their Kids’ Power of Perception

I don’t think the teenage years have to be as rough as they are. The moodiness, secrets, and parent-hating are a symptom of our society and culture. Kids deserve parents who real about their past, their fuck ups, the sexual life, and their drug use. Otherwise, parents are setting their kids up for failure. Maybe […]

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I Don’t Believe Tarot Cards Predict the Future, but Rather Guide and Inspire the Future

My personal view on all things mystical is that they are tools to connect with each other and ourselves. Viewed in this light, mysticism is more accessible because it doesn’t require anything to be accepted as fact, but rather requires deep engagement with the self. For example, I don’t believe tarot cards predict the future […]

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What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care can mean different things to different people. In an attempt to identify different methods of self-care, we partnered with Moondust & Me to ask April Kae’s Instagram community what self-care regimes have brought them closer to self-actualization. While reading this, I’d like you to think about your personal self-care routine, and how it allows […]

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It Makes Me Feel Nervous Going Around New York City Shouting Who I Am So Loudly (Which I Do Well Online and With Friends, but I Have Trouble Doing It With Strangers)

I have a hard time being taken care of by anyone, including myself. One particularly thorny piece of this deals with my hair. I’ve cut my own hair since I was 12 years old, except for two or three times when I got a professional relaxer and they trimmed it. This was pretty much forced […]

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