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Civil Unrest, Stress, and the Body

We are witnessing and participating in one of the largest civil rights movements in United States history. We are feeling stressed. And on top of enduring this country’s re-re-re-re-re-reckoning with it’s treatment of Black people, there’s COVID-19, governmental politics, climate change, civil rights injustices in other parts of the world, late stage capitalism, and so […]

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Envisioning a Future for Black People Shouldn’t Be Radical, but It Is

Afrofuturism is a creative movement centering futuristic and science fiction themes alongside Black history and culture. It appreciates our eclectic Black community. It also makes space for us weird ones in a nearby future, sharing a range of Blackness that is often overlooked. But Afrofuturism doesn’t always look like Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek…or LeVar […]

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