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Civil Unrest, Stress, and the Body

We are witnessing and participating in one of the largest civil rights movements in United States history. We are feeling stressed. And on top of enduring this country’s re-re-re-re-re-reckoning with it’s treatment of Black people, there’s COVID-19, governmental politics, climate change, civil rights injustices in other parts of the world, late stage capitalism, and so […]

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Envisioning a Future for Black People Shouldn’t Be Radical, but It Is

Afrofuturism is a creative movement centering futuristic and science fiction themes alongside Black history and culture. It appreciates our eclectic Black community. It also makes space for us weird ones in a nearby future, sharing a range of Blackness that is often overlooked. But Afrofuturism doesn’t always look like Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek…or LeVar […]

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The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Gentrification, and Resources for Change

  “African American testers posing as home buyers were often denied information about special incentives that would have made the purchase easier, and were required to produce loan preapproval letters and other documents when whites were not.” –“The ‘Heartbreaking’ Decrease in Black Home Ownership,” Washington Post, February 28, 2019 I saw The Last Black Man in […]

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Why Would We Want to Present Ourselves as Screaming Angry Vegans When Society Is Changing in Favor of Animal Welfare?

All of the recent squabbling in the vegan community over the Impossible Burger has me upset. The definition of veganism is to exclude—as much as possible—the exploitation and cruelty of animals from our lifestyles. Ultimately, our goal is to change paradigms and shift public opinion, in order eliminate the use of animals in products, and make […]

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The Confederate Flag Is for Traitors Who Fought for Slavery

Imagine there was a country that started a war with the United States, and it remained for the rest of its existence. Now imagine American fighting for that flag to be put on government buildings; proudly flying that nation’s flag and calling themselves patriots. Imagine the nerve it takes to criticize Colin Kaepernick as “unpatriotic” […]

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If Today Was the Day They Took Away Our Parents, It Would Be My Sister’s Responsibility to Keep Her and Our Brother Alive

Before I was born—when my sister was six—she would walk home and pick up my brother, who was two, and they would sit in an empty house and lock the doors and draw the curtains and wait for my parents to come home. Every day on my sister’s walk home, she would think about contingency plans. […]

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