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If the Only Time You Take Pictures With Black and Brown People Is When You Go to Another Country, That’s Incredibly Fucked Up and Racist

To all my well-meaning white friends who are planning on traveling to countries full of black or brown people, countries designated as third world or as impoverished:  STOP TAKING PICTURES OF YOURSELF SURROUNDED BY BLACK AND BROWN KIDS, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF LOCALS LIKE THEY’RE A NEW BREED OF EXCITING AND EXOTIC PEOPLE THAT YOU […]

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Even the Most Mildly Woke Millennial Is Asking: “Isn’t There Anything Other Than Uber?”

Early in 2017, even the most mildly woke millennial found themselves asking: “Isn’t there anything other than Uber?” The transportation network app found itself in hot water when it came out that CEO Travis Kalanick would serve on President Donald Trump’s Business Advisory Council. Soon after, in late January, Uber lowered surge prices during a taxi […]

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Fuck White Straight Men, and I’m One of Them! Fuck Their Feelings

If you’re a white person planning on celebrating “cinco de mayo,” read this and check out this graphic first. And on a more serious note, today is the anniversary of the Kent State Massacre and the death of IRA political prisoner/hunger striker Bobby Sands.    View fullsize <img src=”” alt=”Alternative Ways to Celebtrate Cinco de […]

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Are There Ways We Can Diffuse Power Without Bloody Revolution? I Hope So

When we talk about government corruption and police brutality, and rich jerks in very expensive suits laughing as they drink beer to celebrate voting to rip healthcare from people, we need to remember that power is addictive, power changes people, and the founders were concerned about people not having too much power. I don’t think […]

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There Are Hundreds of Bible Passages That Reference Immigrants, and They Almost All Say the Same Thing: “Take Care of Them”

If you pay even a bit of attention then you know, word is, Donald wants to allow nonprofits and businesses to refuse services to LGBTQ persons based on “religious freedom” and wants to pull back restrictions preventing clergy from being politically explicit from the pulpit. So, if you identify as Christian and want to better […]

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