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Every Candidate Backing Reparations Is Bullshitting You

Every candidate backing reparations is bullshitting you. Let’s start with the first backer: Marianne Williamson proposed $100 billion in reparations to the Black community. While that sounds nice, it only amounts to $2,500 per Black person in the United States—that’s about one month’s labor at $15 an hour. That ain’t a reparations plan, it’s an “alleviate […]

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Choosing to Blame Sex Workers for Patriarchy Is the Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Fucking Read

I’ve been in sex work for six years, and the rhetoric of self-identified feminists who haven’t participated in actual sex work never ceases to amaze me. People who are not sex workers can’t decide whether they want us to be sex trafficking victims or the foundation of patriarchy. They tend to trip over themselves while […]

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Y’all Can’t Handle Having Your Fucking Politics Investigated Because You Know That Shit Is on Shaky Ground

To my fellow POC who be on Facebook all damn day talking shit. Y’all be making statuses like, “Dark-skinned Black women to the front! Defend black women!” Or always telling other people to check their cis and/or male and/or light-skinned privileges. Or telling each other to check yourselves about the privilege of white proximity. But […]

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Blackness Is Fugitive

I painted this back in 2015, in response to the news that came out about Malevich’s “Black Square.” Now often referred to as the “zero point of painting,” “Black Square” is widely considered to be an avant-grade masterpiece. In Malevich’s own words, “It is from zero, in zero, that the true movement of beings begins.” […]

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The Process of “Handling Shit” for POC Is Real Hard and Real Messy Because Accessing Resources Is FUCKING DIFFICULT

If you’re a yt person, and you think a POC—ESPECIALLY A BLACK PERSON—is toxic, YOU’RE PROBABLY JUST REALLY RACIST. If you’re a yt person, your eagerness to cancel BIPOC is literal actual racism. Yt people don’t get to cancel anybody but each other!!! If you think people should have learned by now or should “know […]

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Bette, I Suggest You Close Your Mouth on Race Issues From Here on Out. You Are No Ally of Ours.

This is why we don’t need y’all to speak on race issues. We got it covered. Support us by providing resources; don’t take up space. Do you really think our oppression is the same as yours? What about Black women, Black LGBTQIA+ folks, Black disabled folks? Do you realize that institutionalized racism means we’re all […]

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