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In My Room: Jalena

Summer ’22 – Long Island City, NY Over the last five years, I have found myself around an incredible number of uniquely talented people from fascinating backgrounds. These people are writers, teachers, filmmakers, designers, and organizers from all over who are out in the world authentically doing dope sh*t (read: work). In My Room is […]

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A Collection On Loving and Letting Go

Layered Excerpts

The following reflections are the result of two years spent learning how to hold hope, grief, and love in the same place. In spite of myself, I’ve grown more comfortable opening up to my own emotional depth as a way to live more authentically. Sharing this collection of thoughts is a conscious exercise in exploring intimacy — with myself just as much as all of you. […]

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Forget Resolutions: Here’s 9 Things We Learned This Year

2021 reflections

Whether you hustled throughout the past year or laid low… The main theme of 2021 was adaptation. We adapted how we engage in our relationships, how we plan for the future, and the ways we take care of ourselves (or at least we try to). Usually, we are ready to skip ahead and create visions […]

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