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I’ve Learned Who My Adversaries Are and It Most Certainly Is Not People of Color, Immigrants, or the Poor

Yes, all lives matter. Still, the fact remains that Black and Brown lives matter less than white lives in our society. The reason there is no “White Lives Matter” movement is because whites enjoy privileges that POC do not. To deny this, or try to take the wind out of the sails of the Black Lives Matter movement (much like cops tried with the “Blue Lives Matter” bullshit) only proves how great the divide is in our society, and how much a movement like BLM is needed. We send cops in riot gear to protect the free speech rights of violent Nazis, while demanding Black football players not exercise their right to silently kneel in protest. Think about that for a minute.

As a white male in my mid 50’s, I’m still struggling to get by as I have all my life. Coming from a working-class union family background, I’ve learned who my adversaries are. It most certainly isn’t people of color, immigrants, or other poor white people.