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Black Owned Harlem Restaurants You Can Support While Social Distancing

Thank God for Black owned Harlem restaurants. They have supported us through our celebrations and bad days, through our first dates and anniversaries—and now it’s our time to support them. COVID-19 is scary and uncertain, and it’s crucial we work to support the Black community, and try to maintain some sense of stability. Resilience is what we’re all about. We got this.

So, I’ve put together a list of Black owned Harlem restaurants that are currently offering delivery. Order from these restaurants. Tip well. Consider asking about purchasing a gift card. Also, with the temporary rules around alcohol delivery—and alcohol sales being a great source of income for restaurants—ordering drinks actually can help a lot. So, splurge if you can. And again, for those in the back: tip well.

Also, wash your hands. Stay six feet away from me. And so on.

Thank you Black owned Harlem restaurants for sending comforting and love-filled food to my door at a time where comfort—and a bit of nostalgia—is what I need most.

Last updated: Thursday, March 26, 2020


A note: This is the most accurate information I have, but things are changing quickly. I’ve included restaurants’ phone numbers and Instagrams, so you can double check they’re open before ordering. Instagram seems to be the most up-to-date online source.

Also, I’d like to create these guides for neighborhoods all over the world. Email me at if you’d like to help create one for your community.


1. The Edge Harlem

101 Edgecombe Avenue, New York, NY 10030

“Juliet and Justine Masters are New York natives who have lived in Harlem for the last 18 years. Their restaurant, The Edge Harlem is an ode to the community and pays homage to the spirit of Harlem honoring those who came before.”

  • Order online on Postmates
  • Hours: 11AM-10PM
  • Phone: 212.939.9688


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2. Ponty Bistro

2375 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10030

“Ejhadji Cisse and Cheikh Cisse are owners and Executive Chefs at Ponty Bistro. The first cousins moved to the United States in 1995 from Dakar, Senegal, quickly entering the restaurant business. Ponty Bistro, named after a popular street, fulfills their dream of owning their own restaurant.”

  • Order online on Seamless
  • Hours: 9:30AM-11PM
  • Phone: 212.234.6475


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3. Benyam Cuisine

2795 Frederick Douglas Blvd, New York, NY 10039

“Benyam Cuisine is a small family owned restaurant in the heart of Harlem. As New York City Ethiopians, we strive to delight the palates of Harlemites, visitors and of course the foodies with our unique and flavorful traditional Ethiopian dishes.”

  • Order online on Grubhub
  • Hours: F-Su 12PM-9PM
  • Phone: 212.510.7353


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4. Seasoned Vegan

55 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10026

“Seasoned Vegan is the food you love, veganized At Seasoned Vegan we serve soul food, desserts, drinks, and spirits which are all 100% vegan, Kosher, and organic whenever possible.”

  • Call for delivery or pickup: 212.222.0092
  • Hours: M-F 5PM-10 PM, S-Su 11AM-10PM


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5. LoLo’s Seafood Shack

303 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026

“Chef Raymond Mohan and Leticia Skai Young are elated to share their passion for travel and island flavors at LoLo’s. The LoLo’s experience is inspired by the Locally Owned, Locally Operated seaside eateries; referred to as lolos, they encountered while living abroad in the British West Indies.”

  • Order online on Grubhub
  • Hours: 11AM-7PM
  • Phone: 973.629.8953


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6. Home Sweet Harlem

1528 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031

“Home Sweet Harlem is that chill spot where Harlemites and visitors feel ‘at home’. Catching up with friends, enjoying a glass of sparkling sangria, chowing down on the St. Nicholas Park Burger, or savoring the rich taste of sweet potato pie!”

  • Order online on Seamless
  • Hours: M-F 11AM-6PM, S-Su 11AM-5PM
  • Phone: 212.926.9616


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7. BLVD Bistro

2149 Frederick Douglass Blvd New York, NY 10026

“BLVD Bistro is a southern-inspired culinary labor of love Brough to your by Chef Carlos and Markisha Swepson. We thank everyone who dines with us.”


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8. melba’s

300 W 114th St, New York, NY 10026

“Melba’s Restaurant opened its doors in 2005 and has come to be regarded as the premier comfort food destination in New York City. The eponymous restaurant was the vision of founder, Melba Wilson. Being born, bred and buttered in Harlem, Melba knew she wanted to stay close to home so she could nurture and provide an exquisite yet comfortable dining experience to the community that raised her.”


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763 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10031

“You may think you’re entering a cafe, but what’s hidden behind the doors of Tsion Cafe is a food and culture experience like no other in Sugar Hill. Tsion Cafe has merged delicious Ethiopian and Mediterranean inspired cuisines, international wine and beer, and fair trade Ethiopian coffees and teas, into a memorable speakeasy experience.”

  • Order online on Grubhub
  • Hours: 4PM-8PM
  • Phone: 212.234.2070


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10. Chocolat Restaurant & Bar

2223 Frederick Douglas Blvd, New York, NY 10026

“Chocolat Harlem features a menu of delicately updated soul food, American comfort and Southern food. Widely known as a popular Harlem brunch spot, our menu includes prime meats, fresh seafood, and our famous fried chicken, accented by pairings of wines and cocktails from our extensive wine list, seasonal and local ingredients.”

  • Order online on Seamless
  • Hours: 12PM-10PM
  • Phone: 212.222.4545 (20 percent off telephone orders)


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11. Teranga

1280 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

“Rooted in traditional African home cooking that emphasizes African-grown ingredients, Teranga is a culinary journey into the depth, diversity, and deliciousness that the motherland has to offer. In Senegal, “Teranga” is perhaps the most highly regarded value. Roughly translated, it means “good hospitality.” In practice, Teranga reflects how one treats a guest—with open arms and a seat around the bowl.”


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109 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10026

“Founded in 2019 by Chef JJ Johnson, FIELDTRIP is a community-based dining experience that celebrates culture through the shared experience of rice. For us, rice is a journey to new parts of the globe. Our mantra, “Rice is Culture”, was born out of Chef JJ’s realization that rice connects us and can be found at the center of tables in almost every community.”


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