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Send More Than “Thoughts and Prayers” to Texas!

As Texas natives, our hearts are hurting for the Third Coast. Here are some decentralized, grassroots efforts that are doing direct rescue/relief work (and need your donations more than the Red Cr*ss does):

1. Counter Balance ATX Disaster Restoration (dope black women led org)

2. Homies with kayaks

3. Cajun Navy (donate: here)

4. Another Gulf is Possible

5. Black Lives Matter Houston

6. World on My Shoulders and @blackwomensdefenseleague

7. Currently, the Houston Food Bank is inaccessible due to flood waters, but they are keeping everyone updated and are lining up volunteers to start working as soon as they can safely get in their building. While they take food and supply donations, cash is more effective than donating actual food because the bank’s buying power can turn $1 into meals for an entire family for one day. As people are struggling to get food and clean water, the bank’s services, including providing food at shelters during disasters, will definitely be leaned on heavily in the coming months and even years as folks get back on their feet.

If you know of organizations that should be added to the list, please email me at