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Click Here to Send Funds Directly to Those Effected by the Genocide Against the Rohingya People—and Not to Some NGO That Doesn’t Know the Community

There is a massive genocide happening near the border of Myanmar against the Rohingya people who are now fleeing to Bangladesh (nearly 400,000).

It is pretty hard to send donations, and we all know big charities often soak up a large chunk of what is donated.

My dad lives in Bangladesh and I have family members who are attempting to help the people and aid these refugees fleeing brutal torture and violence. I will be sending some money to him tomorrow. It will go to the cause DIRECTLY and have a massive impact on some very unfortunate people’s lives.

If anyone else is interested, I know it is last minute, please Venmo me @Sarwat-Dooti with the message “genocide against Rohingya.” And if you can’t donate, please share this on social media as well as with individual people you know have weath that needs to be shared.

I’m not starting a gofundme because I would like to capture 100% donations to go to the refugees and send them asap. Genocide, unfortunately, doesn’t stop for our convenience.

I promise to show proof of how all of the donations are aiding and where it is going as they are used. Honestly, anything would be hugely appreciated and you’ll be helping people experiencing one of the largest atrocities happening right under our nose and occurring silently.

Thank you so, so much.

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