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You Mean to Tell Me It Took Not Only a Full Presidential Campaign but a Subsequent Presidential Election & a Whole Ass Nazi/ White Supremacy March for Yall to Realize “OMG America So Racist”?

some notes on white liberal performative shock & outrage:

-black people have made books, movies, songs, lectures, paintings, drawings, etc expressing the pain & absurdity we go through for centuries. you mean to tell me it took not only a full presidential campaign but a subsequent presidential election & A WHOLE ASS NAZI/ WHITE SUPREMACY MARCH for yall to realize “omg america so racist”?

-now you wanna “do something”? where tf yall been at with this shock & outrage to do something this whole time? most white liberals are addicted to “feeling bad” without turning that useless white guilt into actual material benefit & help for anyone else. the vast majority think that if they “feel bad” enough it absolves them of any accountability & agency of taking action to dismantle the systems that have been created & buffered SPECIFICALLY for their benefit. hence you have all these white people unaffected by trump scared shitless of? of what? majority of white men AND women voted trump & white are liberals afraid of what? your whiteness protects you from this completely.

-liberals are afraid that poc will “lump them in with conservatives” but really the conservatives will look at them & assume white supremacy so tf white liberals looking at me like IM the scary one when im the one who cant tell what side you on just by sight?

-white people you wanna know what you can do “to help & show support”? being shocked is a slap in the face to us. if you have resources, share. your privilege to be “shocked” & generational wealth was built on the blood of the people whose oppression you still directly benefit from. 

you wanna help? sponsor. support. promote. feed. hire. pay.

because you get all these things before us without even having to think about it (or really work for it in any tangible manner). redlining isnt an issue for you. workplace discrimination? not an issue. income gap? no issue. differential treatment at various business establishments? no dont ever have to walk through life wondering if you been denied opportunities solely based on your race. you get rewarded without knowing.

-you wanna help & not just “feel bad” that youre so privileged?

move resources. move money to people who its been historically divested from. none of us in 2017 wanna hear white liberals who never took us seriously in the past complain to us about dissatisfaction with white supremacy & if i have to im charging a consulting fee for this shit. we should be getting compensated for sharing our wealth of knowledge & experiences.

-did i mention these same shook ass liberals who are falling apart at the seams now, absolutely L O V E: NWA, specifically “fuck the police” etc. i know ppl who would scream NWA & dead prez lyrics @ the top of they drunken ass lungs. but when it comes time to really be RGB bout it? cry.

we end up w this liberal willingness to hyperconsume all things black/ brown while at the same time unwilling to directly associate with or contribute to real black/ brown people.

-then we see your cousin on tv at the latest neo- klan march who you knew was always talking that off brand white power shit, and now youre shocked….