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Lazy at Best. Racist, Sexist, and Patriarchal at Worst.

If you struggle with the idea of Oprah running for president, it’s maybe due to any or all of your deeply suppressed racist, sexist, and patriarchal programming habits. Seriously ask yourself if the “We don’t need another celebrity president!” argument is just a convenient pretense to hide your unease with the idea of (finally) having a woman president, not to mention a BLACK woman president.

Fuckface McClownstick isn’t an awful president because he’s a celebrity, he’s awful because he’s a white supremacist. The fact he’s a celebrity just compounds his awfulness.

There is no commonality between Oprah and Fuckface aside from their fame. Furthermore, Fuckface’s “fame” is built on a television show about capitalism and bolstering the CEO’s of the world at the cost of firing workers, while Oprah’s fame is built on a show rooted in humanitarianism. Please stop with this weird argument. It is lazy at best, and racist, sexist, and patriarchal at worst.

FURTHERLY furthermore, if you’re now thinking to yourself, “Sure, but Oprah doesn’t have any civil service experience and can’t match the expertise of a seasoned politician,” then you are brainwashed AF because politicians are 99 percent awful warmongers paid off by mega-corporations to propagate gun violence and segregation and the prison industrial complex and institutionalized racism and are 100 percent the reason why irreparable harm has been done to our planet. Fuck these clowns.

What we need right now are underrepresented and marginalized populations in positions of power. Oprah is problematic for many reasons but is also a member of one of the MOST marginalized populations and was born into poverty—only to have broken through endless systems of discrimination to gain fame and wealth. To get buttmad about a rich Black lady being president when said lady isn’t running for president is maybe a good reason to check yourself a bit, is all I’m sayin.