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Just Posting About the Suicide Hotline Isn’t Enough

With all these people committing suicide, just posting about the hotline isn’t enough. That’s not support. We need mental health reform. We need to get rid of the stigma that mental illness is uncommon and a burden. We need affordable healthcare and medicine. We need affordable rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness.

My medicine for bipolar—which I would DIE without and is the only medicine that has worked in my four years of being on medication for my mental illness—costs over $500 a month without insurance. I am lucky I have insurance and a doctor who understands my diagnosis. I am lucky I was hospitalized when I was. I am lucky to have gone to rehab. I am lucky to have the support of my family and friends. I am lucky to be alive.

So many people can’t get the resources they need; they don’t have parents or friends or communities who support them, they don’t have doctors who support them. When we see celebrities die from mental illness, we are only glimpsing a symptom of a larger problem.

Mental illness is not a burden. Mental illness is VERY COMMON. And mental illness is treatable.

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