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The Conflict Between Having Money and Believing the System That Placed You Near the Top Is Violent and Evil Isn’t Solved by Pretending You’re Not Rich.

If you like “leftbook,” you’re going to love giving money to people who need it!

I’m talking to other people who like leftism and have wealthy parents: if you make enough money to have real savings each month and know that your parents would be willing to support you in a medical, housing, or other financial crisis but not redistributing some of that cash to people in crisis who don’t have that kind of financial security—what are you doing?

There are people whose safety and survival are in danger because they are unable to buy food, make rent, pay for medication, leave abusive situations, or move out of bigoted towns; they didn’t win the “getting born with rich parents” lottery. Redirecting some of the money that you were planning to save for a hypothetical emergency and giving it to people experiencing a present emergency is the right thing to do, especially when you know your odds of being desperate for money in any situation are exceedingly low.

Adult kids from rich families are shielded from the most murderous aspects of capitalism. I’m not asking you to give up every hobby, turn off the heat, and stop buying fruits and vegetables until income inequality is vanquished by your vow of poverty and barren savings account. That’s not how that works.

I just want to remind you that your need for emergency savings is smaller and different than it is for most people. The conflict between having money and believing the system that placed you near the top is violent and evil isn’t solved by pretending you’re not rich. Being a leftist with integrity involves recognizing when you have more than you need—and redistributing what’s left over after your needs are met.