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One Black Girl to Another. / Lay Your Burdens Here. / I May Be the Goddess / Who Comes Through for You

She carries this weight.

Our weight.

Her troubles 

on her back.


Black girl.

I wish I could

Take the weight off your 


And destroy the world

That forced its 

Burdens on your back.

Not even giving 

Us the time to lay 

Them down at the 

Foot of the Gods

They forced us to worship. 

Oh Black Girl,

They forget

You are the mother and

The creator

And the strength. 

They saw it. A glimpse was enough.

They tried to destroy it

But didn’t realize 

They can’t destroy 

What we won’t allow.

One black girl to another.

Lay your burdens here.

I may be the Goddess

Who comes through for you.

I am not the answer to your prayers

But I will make them answer

For your pain. 

Lay your burdens at my feet.

I will hold on to them

For a while.