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Bette, I Suggest You Close Your Mouth on Race Issues From Here on Out. You Are No Ally of Ours.

This is why we don’t need y’all to speak on race issues. We got it covered. Support us by providing resources; don’t take up space. Do you really think our oppression is the same as yours? What about Black women, Black LGBTQIA+ folks, Black disabled folks?

Do you realize that institutionalized racism means we’re all suffering from PTSD, while still succeeding with the rest of society, mostly without therapy or even the diagnosis? You think it’s easy to be Black, or Black and queer and trans? You think it’s easy to be Black and disabled? To not even be given the same consideration as your white counterparts?

Do you challenge the system that perpetuates the wage gap between you and your Black women co-stars? You’re not even doing the real work, but want to minimize our experiences to give you edge.

Bette, I suggest you close your mouth on race issues from here on out; that you realize you ignored the fact your privilege allows you to use the n-word word to oppress. You are no ally of ours.