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FUPU, An All-Black Queer Femme Punk Band, Just Got Attacked by a Skinhead in London. They Are in Need of Funds!!

FUPU, an all-black queer femme punk band, just got attacked by a skinhead in London. They are canceling the rest of their tour and heading back home. Global white supremacy is disgusting I’m feeling like there is no safe place for a Black woman in this whole entire world. A cop laughed in their faces after they—without her—caught and tried to beat down the man that attacked them. He got away because some other people pulled them off the man—who was four times their size—and then he ran down the street. They were all covered in blood—and are never stepping foot in London again.

Also, they almost got arrested for defending themselves and expressing their mistreatment. NEVER TELL A BLACK WOMAN COVERED IN HER OWN BLOOD TO CALM DOWN! They were reprimanded by police for catching the man. They were scolded and got called idiots by police for stopping a skinhead!

One of FUPU’s members, Tianna, has a broken nose and shattered sinus, and they now have to get a specialist to fix it. They need emergency money to fly home IMMEDIATELY.

Please send funds to FUPU’s PayPal or Vemno:

The main concern right now is getting Tianna help and going home.